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Product showcase:Incinerator Rapeseed Oil

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

It’s been crazy here at Grim Reaper, so I apologise for the lack of decent blog material. I am trying to get a regular blog together but with making/developing products it’s not always easy to sit and write-the junior reapers also need attention 😉

Ok- thought I’d focus on Incinerator today, seeing as right now the rapeseed oil is being smoked with oak discs in the Bradley smoker.

The rapeseed for our 3 oils is grown/cultivated/ stored/single pressed/filtered/ filtered again and bottled in Wilstone on the Mead farm near Tring in Hertfordshire. The unit is impressive and We have now been working with Simon Mead for over 2 years. The benefits of rapeseed oil are well know with around 6% saturated fat compared to other oils, meaning that along with tasting great, it’s also the best one for you. The rapeseed is cold pressed and only once, the remainder of the seeds once pressed go to the cows so nothing is wasted.

Incinerator is the hottest of the 3 oils we produce, I think the smokiness gives it depth of flavour and embraces the heat.

Unlike other chilli oils, we don’t use smoked chillies to achieve a smokey flavour, but the oil itself is smoked, and for 48 hours. Those with a smoker will know how many discs we burn in that time! We chose oak smoked as it lends itself far better than the other flavours available.

Once smoked, it is then refiltered and extract is added then bottled! Simple as that. The photos are of the old double freezer converted to allow deep trays for the smoking process. If you want a bottle of Incinerator they are £4.95 on our website get yours here