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Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Not the first time we are being associated with a Metal Group, late 2012 it was Heaven’s Basement, where we did the Official Hot Sauce for the Fire Fire CD release and met the guys (with Darth Naga) at the Camden Barfly for a gig.

Last year, in Eindhoven, we met some crazy dudes who approached us at the stall and loved the sauces. Well, those crazy dudes were in fact Aborted, and you HAVE to get their next CD when it comes out in April.

I digress…so, what does this mean? Well, we are proud to say we are sponsoring them on tour, so in the dressing rooms, Evil One will be flowing, and maybe chocolates pre gig for that energy they display in stage!

Look out for competitions throughout 2014 to win CD’s and Grim Reaper goodies, and also follow them on Twitter @abortedmetal> Check out their website too¬† Aborted