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Best Newcomer…

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Did you know we were voted ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2012 National Chilli Awards at the Fiery Foods UK Festival? No? Well, I must admit, I am not the best at shouting about it, but using this blog and with the help of my Twitter and YouTube followers, Facebook friends, Blog subscribers and Instagram watchers, I feel 2013 will be a year to remember for the Reaper…

Thanks everyone for the support, whether that be any of the social groups above, suppliers, customers, retailers, distributors, new friends and old, and to those whom I have yet to meet, who are going to elevate this company to a new level…

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Monday, January 21st, 2013

A few months back, a fellow chilehead @kaz522 on Twitter, asked if anyone would be interested in blogging about a new protective case for an iPhone etc. Being as I love Apple products, and recently having scratched my iPhone 5 (yup, a 5), I decided to contact the company she put me in contact with to review a case.

A few days later it arrived, not the colour I would choose, but hey, freebie, and all I need to do is review it, honest and brutal… I thought about if one can you remove bad reviews from google and learned that, no it can be very difficult. With that in mind I started to think of my review.

The case itself is a silicone sort of rubbery material, squared designed, which protects the whole outer of the iPhone, and it is simple to stretch on, unlike my iPhone 4 case (Speck) which was solid and difficult to remove. The case is white, my iPhone is black, but for a white iPhone it would blend nicely, and obviously the black case would lend itself to a black iPhone.

I really gave this a work out, basically, you want a case that looks good, and more importantly, does the job should you drop it! Me being me, who scuffs phones on day 1, am pleased with the result of the past 3 months. You can’t give an honest review after days of using something, it takes time. So, having dropped it over 30 times, whether it be juggling my son, or dinner, chillies, glass, cider, papers, parcels, newspapers, I have dropped it. On concrete, wooden floor, carpet (no stress there!) and the like, and the beauty seems to bounce. I don’t recommend dropping your phone unless well insured, but this case will protect from scratches and knocks. There is only one downside to it, and that is when wearing jeans. Us lads put phones in front pockets 99 times out of 100, ladies, in the bags right? Well, I must admit, I didn’t manage on a few occasions to get it out of my pocket, as its rubbery self got stuck in the pocket! When wearing trousers, combats it was fine, but jeans, not good. Having waffled on (actually the case looks like waffles!) I do recommend getting one, and they come in either black or white. If you click the link here you can see the case and maybe get one for yourself, and at present they are on spesh at £14.99.

I will update here soon, with the Snugg iPad mini case which I am also test running…and its a winner

Grim Reaper on Tour 2013 Schedule

Sunday, January 20th, 2013



Thursday, January 17th, 2013

After a few weeks of deliberating and changing bottle supplier I have now got Doomsday all locked up inside this amber dropper bottle! One drop is all it takes! £10.00 for 30mls available on


Mort has arrived…

Monday, January 14th, 2013


Find MORT at grimreaperfoods. com for £5 plus P&P

Update 21 January 2013

20 bottles remain, 46 sold THANK YOU CHILEHEADS!!!!