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Bedford Chilli Fiesta

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Well we finally did our first trade show and I must say, it was pretty nice hearing people saying how they liked and disliked stuff. Liked the chilli sauces, oils and chocolates, disliked paying £7.50 to get in….Although I feel this is pretty steep compared with the rest of the chilli circuit (having only that experience til now!) I still feel it was a great show to walk around.

Anyway, we arrived at 7.45am, unloaded the car, Mrs Reaper and I set the stall by 9.30am, and went for a wander. We saw Tim from the Cambridge Chilli Farm, met Bruce from Chillibugs and had a chat with FatMan Chilli and then Stu from Hot Headz. It seemed nice out, had we made the right decision having an indoor stall??

All we now had to do was to pour out the sauces and oils, break up the chocs and get ready for opening. We met our stall neighbour, Paul from Bedford selling his wares, and the next stall Bim and Nic of Bims kitchen. The news came the gates had opened, so it was back from chatting, and down to business.

The first few people came through and browsed, as I used to, not saying much, avoiding eye contact, tasting and crying as they moved from stall to stall, I can only guess they were crying about not having bought enough money to buy all they wanted…

The day seemed to go really fast, saw Twitter followers Mr Bridger, and NormIronMan who was taking photos for the chilefoundry, and saw Kaz522 Mrs Chutney who will be exhibiting next year I’m told. My good friends came to visit, Niel came from Australia! (Not just to the chilli fiesta though…).

So, for our first show, we feel it was a good un, thanks to all who came to see, those who bought, and those who organised, and the other traders who made it a success.

We’ll update the blog when we know where our next show will be, it’ll be in August somewhere I’m sure…

The Reaper…



Funding Application

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Well we have been trying since March to get £500 from Paypal via Enterprise Nation. Our friends Chillilicious in Scotland let us know about the site. Since then, the site has grown in popularity and has become increasinly difficult to get votes on. Basically, they give away 5 grand a month, however if that happens on day one (as it did in April and May), voting closes. It didn’t even open in June, or hasn’t yet!

So here’s the deal, we re after £500 to get the website done (which I have spent 3 months doing myself!) and for a gazebo for the show circuit (we have yet to get, but we got a nice banner coming!).

Here’s the link, we’ll update via Twitter and Facebook pages once open, and of course here;


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Darth Naga

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

So…..I start my blog with a person known only by the chilli world as ‘Darth Naga’

A not so mysterious character, one whom will ingest any edible chilli product from raw chillies, to pure cap (thats 16 million scovilles of pain!).

By far in my opinion, one of the most influential bad boys on the circuit, he was one of the 3 judges, along with chillipepperpete and the chilefoundry owner, Dave, who awarded ‘the evil one’ its wins back in 2010 at the fiery foods uk festivals.

Since then, for my part, he has video reviewed ‘the evil one’ and what a classic video it is. It can be viewed here

Darth Naga can be found on Twitter and regularly reviews chilli products on the Chilefoundry website, and has his own no holds barred page on Facebook called Darth Naga’s Funhouse of Pain, where you can find worldwide chilliheads discussing anything from products, to growing, wierd ideas for videos, seed swapping (chillis of course!) and just general banter.

Darth Naga I salute you, and thank you for how you have helped me in building this business.

The Reaper

Link back to shop

Friday, June 8th, 2012

I have yet to figure out a good way back to the shop, the tab should still be open if you arrived via the shop, but if not, click the link above and happy shopping!

The Reaper…

The Reaper…

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012


Finally have a blog! This is where we’ll update all news and reviews for our products and also what we think about others. I’m used to twitter and facebook, but not used to more than a few lines, so bear with me, it’ll get better!

The Reaper…