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Monday, December 31st, 2012

mort2013New Years Eve is here, and as always, the reaper is busy…For January, I am unleashing a special ‘2013 ltd edition sauce’ available exclusively on in the ltd edition section for £5. This sauce is made with the hard to get hold of in the UK, Scorpion chilli, and will have a base of plum tomatoes, touch of sugar, and some red wine vinegar. I just want to share the awesome natural heat of the scorpion pepper, but alas, I cannot get hold of enough to make it a regular, a bit like Alchemy I guess! Well, Happy New Year to all, watch this space for details of unleashement!

Ok, update-5th January 10.50am GMT

Sauce is made, there will be 66 numbered bottles, and it’s name? Mort.
Mort is the French name for Death and also a Terry Pratchett book about the reaper, so rather than call it Reapers Reserve which many have asked, my choice is Mort. Mort will feature each January, this years is 2013 edition. Labels are being sorted and then a t’reaper’ment of wax resin to follow…

Update 14th January 2013- It’s for sale! £5, max 3 per household, International orders welcome by email to

66 numbered bottles, available now…

Label overhaul

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

It’s been 2 years since the Evil One was released, and 18 months since Jekyll. I have two good friends, Nathan and Simon who helped me out by designing the labels, however I always wanted that in your face packaging that I went for with the chocolates (thanks to Beki and Carl) so here is a preview of the upcoming labels for the sauces, which will also feature for Rookie Goblin and new sauce Maverick in the New Year. Two more sauces will be released around April. The set will then be complete at 7.