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The Evil One Anniversary Edition

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Did you know that Halloween is the 2 year anniversary of the release of ‘The Evil One’ hot sauce? No? Well now you do! It’s also the day that Grim Reaper Foods started trading! So to celebrate this super calendar day, I am creating a special edition of 40 numbered bottles of the evil one, drizzled in red black and gold waxes stamped with blood red reaper on the top. Instead of the regular 1 million SHU oleoresin I normally use, I am going to use 12 million SHU oleoresin for a change, along with the fresh scotch bonnet and naga grown here in Bedford UK.
Keep an eye on the site as I will make and have these on the site but available on Halloween only-if they sell out or if any remain, they will only be available for 24 hours!

Twitter Facebook and the blog will be the only reminders from now on…..


FFUK 2012

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

So after a rubbish M25 journey I arrived to set up the stand at 4.40! I had 20 mins-no chance, even with help from Capsicinoia and Cambridge Chilli Farm to unload the motor (cheers again guys!). Shown to pitch inbetween Tim and Ian (spicy monkey) and after moving the car I reckon by 6 I was set.

Launching these three mustards exclusively here too!

Real family atmosphere between the traders which is great, Stacey, Simon, Nile, Rose, Tristam, Simon, Ged, Tim, Ian, Harry and Zoe last years amateur winners and Jason from year before also here, we 3 owe it to Pete to succeed as it was his amateur competition that was the springboard for me too. Pete Seymour, we’ll miss you and will make this and many more here in Brighton as good as they can be!

Will update again later..


So the festival with the chilli eating and tribute to Pete, national chilli awards both amateur and professional came and went-as a stall holder I found it very hard to leave and look around, so reporting about the show became more difficult than I imagined!

Thanks to @jamopepper for holding fort while I collected 2 national chilli awards!

And thanks to all who came saw and bought the reapers wares…




Frosts at Millets Farm

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Day One-We had a cracking day with the people from Oxford at Frosts garden centre Millets Farm today. We’ll be back tomorrow for more…

Day Two-so the start of the day with rain bought an air of anticipated relaxation…I thought we would be quiet. Chris the head chef at the garden centre took a bottle of Tempest to roast some spuds for me (I asked the day before) and at midday ‘Tempest’ roast potatoes made a grand entrance! Well Chris, thanks buddy, as within 50 minutes, the sampling of roasties helped sell out our entire stock of rapeseed oils. Shame I had no more stock and it was too far to drive home and back!

2pm bought on the chilli challenge-15 brave souls to eat what was described as a nuclear sausage! Well from what I understand was our award winning Evil One was put into the sausage, and round 1 had been laced with our Oblivion extract 500000 scovilles-round 2 had the same sausage but brushed with our Doomsday 1000000 scoville extract! 13 finished so congrats! I was intrigued so managed to get one myself-not being a fan of eating extract ‘raw’ as it was I was pleasantly surprised that the burn was good but no bitterness when brushed on and baked (well, on the sausages anyway!). I finished mine too, by the way…

Fabulous show, capsaicinoia, devils dynamite and Hot Headz-good to see you all-and thanks Frosts for having us!

All our chilli products are hand made with exception of the two extracts, so it’s good to see them being used rather than for tricks/jokes/bitter sauces!

Signing off-the reaper…