Our 5th anniversary of trading is approaching, yes 5 years ago thanks to Hot Headz and Scorchio, our Multi Award Winning #EvilOne was unleashed on that day. Each year we try to do something, we did a 12 million scoville version, we’ve done Maverick trick or treat versions (which we still release each year) we took over a restaurant and run a 7 course menu, and this year unleashing a very special syrup #VampiresPoison. 

But what else? Well some of you may have noticed that we are also expanding the range of products on our site. Twisted 7, Crazy Bastard and Chilli Alchemist are already listed-soon to appear will be Mushemi Fire, Burning Desire, Psycho Juice, and Peppr-It. By Halloween these will all be listed so should you want a Vampires Poison but have already stocked up on our products-why not give something new a try?

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