Vampires Poison

Well it’s already October-I know this as the leaves have started to fall….but at the end of this beautiful month is Halloween, not only for you Pagans to celebrate but also the 5th anniversary of unleashing the ‘Evil One’.

This year we are re releasing the Trick or Treat Mavericks, as a trio or if you are in the ‘spirit’ of things, the Trick or Treat single bottle-I choose-not you 😄 avail on the web tonight!

We will also unleash our trio of Scorpion Pepper chocolates, Firecracker, Midnight and Pyromaniac-these babies have been on the back burner for almost 3 years, but our current Ghost Chocolates are popular, I didn’t want to dilute things-so they will be 3 mini 40g bars in a set! Avail on the web from mid October.

Vampires Poison….our first Smokin Ed’s Carolina Reaper ® Sauce-it’s a cocktail syrup blood red, with some added Vodka and Beetroot. Avail on Halloween on the website and also at the Halloween chilli fest in Bedford.

So there you go, October will come and go, but Halloween is something to look forward to 🎃

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  1. Pete says:

    Damn, that’s a beautiful colour.

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