We’re back blogging!

Lost login? blah blah blah…Honestly no, just been busy, and forget some important things like communications!

So whats been happening? Well, refining the business to be honest. We moved house, which meant relocating the business. We are registered in Luton Beds, but trade from Bournemouth now, we create the majority of the product in the South, using Chef Bernie’s kitchen currently, and are waiting for Mushemi Fire/1000 Hills/Chilli Mash Co. to finish the new kitchen so we can share the space.

The rapeseed oil is still being farmed in Herts, same great product, but now in 100ml bottles so they fit conveniently in the gift box, and are hand luggage friendly. The larger plastic bottle we were using became too expensive after the ‘vote’ last year..say no more..Same for the tins that the rubs are in, moving over into glass jars with flip top lids, meaning that they will be a little finer in texture, and again, fit the gift box. Extracts also are being given a make over, labels first, and later, we streamline the range. We have an insert for the gift box, which means any combo should fit, except the chocolate bars! (For now..)


We hope to unleash Ripper and Sweeney Todd this season, after not creating them last year, sorry about that! We also may unleash a new product or two unannounced at shows..

Finally, here’s the show list for the year, hope to see you at some of them, and to anyone who bought t shirts last year, remember, freebie product at shows you are wearing it to!


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