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Saturday, July 28th, 2012



Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

By now I guess you all know, that on our Facebook and Twitter feed we recently mentioned that the next 10 orders via the website, would get a FREE bottle of Alchemy Ltd Edition. 10 orders (well a few more!) came through very fast, (thank you all!!!) and the first 10 orders were allocated in order of the order (sounds wierd…) a numbered bottle. #1 was given to Darth Naga, so 2-12 were up for grabs………wait a minute I hear you say, 12 bottles, Mr Naga, 10 orders, leaves 1???? Yup, correct, I had the intention of holding one back for launch, to giveaway to the best begging email (and being a twitter follower or facebook fan). But………….#5 destined for one of the 10 went missing. Delivered to porch the tracking info said, yes, but whose porch….So swiftly, the ‘spare’ was despatched and I am pleased to say all are now in chileheads homes. #5, if you ever surface on eBay, be warned, you are classed as missing at present, even lost, but on eBay, you are classed as STOLEN!

Alchemy should launch during August, the labels are being designed right now, really, as I am typing this, a young lady is working hard on the other side of London finishing the design, and all going well, after Trading Standards give the OK, we should go to print, and then unleash by Mid/End August. This sweet chilli sauce has just sugar and cyder vinegar added to the Aji Limon Chiles (Lemon Drop by UK names). An all round sweet sauce, not too hot, pourable and liquid gold….


Signing off, will update the blog more as we progress!


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