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Mort 2014

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Well the wait is over, #Mort 2014 edition is available NOW ! Buy it here for £5.95 plus postage.

see Darth Naga preview it here!

I am unleashing orders TODAY not 4th Feb as Mr Darth Naga mentions, I just can’t wait…

Max 3 per order. One person will get a litre of Mort with their purchase, and two others a full size 100 mls sample. The other 63 will get a 5 mls taster…


Halloween sauce launch

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Well, this week is the busiest time of the year from the Reaper…so many souls to burn. And to celebrate our 3rd birthday of Grim Reaper Foods on Thursday, we are doing 3 special things! One, our trick or treat Maverick sauces, available now on the site here . We’re also taking over Mr and Mrs Youngs restaurant for a 9 course chilli feast for 28 pre booked customers AND the launch of our newest, hottest sauce. The restaurant folk will of course try the sauce during the courses of the evening how I intend its use, but I’m sure most of you will find other, far far different uses…

The Evil One, our first sauce, has been the hottest sauce we have done since 2010 when born into this world, where it won the FFUK National Chilli Awards, and I’m please to say it has just won a 2014 Silver Scovie medal, which I will post here once received, so what better way to say thanks to its little brother, to unleash its big brother… Keeping the name a secret for now, it will be on the site from Halloween, I’ve auto set it up, and for Halloween only, 20% off the price for that 24 hours. Just 4 of your English pounds…The link below WILL NOT WORK until Halloween…Three people will get these this week, Hayley, Zach and Paul. 3 years, 3 freebies.

New Sauce

Off to do some burning people….tweet and share all you like please.

Halloween Pop Up-Restaurant 65

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

On our 3rd anniversary, Halloween, we are going to be doing another chilli menu at restaurant 65 in Hemel Hempstead! I know I had said I would like to do one elsewhere, it’s just been so busy through the summer, organising a pop up somewhere unfamiliar has become more difficult than I imagined…

So, 31st October-a Thursday evening, bookings are being taken on 01442 234010 or

I guess one sitting as before, the menu is still being devised so watch this space!

Ltd Editions now unleashed…

Monday, February 4th, 2013



Ltd editions

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

You may remember back last year I said about a label overhaul? Well, it’s done, and the first 20 bottles of each were resin waxed and numbered. Well, because of Xmas, Mort was January’s release, I kept these babies back. During February I will unleash not one, but both ltd sauces, Jekyll and the renamed Elixer 13 combo set, and the re done Evil One with silver or red eyes!



The Evil One Anniversary Edition

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Did you know that Halloween is the 2 year anniversary of the release of ‘The Evil One’ hot sauce? No? Well now you do! It’s also the day that Grim Reaper Foods started trading! So to celebrate this super calendar day, I am creating a special edition of 40 numbered bottles of the evil one, drizzled in red black and gold waxes stamped with blood red reaper on the top. Instead of the regular 1 million SHU oleoresin I normally use, I am going to use 12 million SHU oleoresin for a change, along with the fresh scotch bonnet and naga grown here in Bedford UK.
Keep an eye on the site as I will make and have these on the site but available on Halloween only-if they sell out or if any remain, they will only be available for 24 hours!

Twitter Facebook and the blog will be the only reminders from now on…..


Darth Naga

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

So…..I start my blog with a person known only by the chilli world as ‘Darth Naga’

A not so mysterious character, one whom will ingest any edible chilli product from raw chillies, to pure cap (thats 16 million scovilles of pain!).

By far in my opinion, one of the most influential bad boys on the circuit, he was one of the 3 judges, along with chillipepperpete and the chilefoundry owner, Dave, who awarded ‘the evil one’ its wins back in 2010 at the fiery foods uk festivals.

Since then, for my part, he has video reviewed ‘the evil one’ and what a classic video it is. It can be viewed here

Darth Naga can be found on Twitter and regularly reviews chilli products on the Chilefoundry website, and has his own no holds barred page on Facebook called Darth Naga’s Funhouse of Pain, where you can find worldwide chilliheads discussing anything from products, to growing, wierd ideas for videos, seed swapping (chillis of course!) and just general banter.

Darth Naga I salute you, and thank you for how you have helped me in building this business.

The Reaper