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Frosts garden centre Willington

Sunday, November 25th, 2012


Today was our first outing with our gazebo! What do you think? Can’t wait for the summer season, ’twas a little windy today hence lack of side panels!

All good…


Anniversary Evil One Ltd Edition

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Well, THANK YOU to all the chileheads and customers and buyers of ye olde Xmas gifts, who came to the site today and purchase one, two and even three Ltd Evil Ones. I promised 40 bottles so I made 40 bottles, numbered 1 through 40.

I actually only had 38 of the bottle I was using. The squat bottle was purchased in 2009 and used for my Amateur sauce win in September 2010 for best heat, I made 2-one was consumed and the other is in a certain shop in Brighton up on a shelf..the original with the oleoresin I extracted from Blair Lazars Naga Jolokias. However, this left me 2 bottles short, so I had 2 very different bottles, one offs, that I thought I could use, and also, pick a couple of numbers that meant something!

no 7 (Tim, Cambridge Chilli Farm’s number) was a bit special, that person will find out when they get it why, but in respect for Tim, I call it Lucky 7. Tim has been a great help to me over the past year, and I thought it fitting to do something a bit different.

no 13, is in memory for Pete Seymour (chillipepperpete) who sadly passed away earlier this year, as he has Dragons Blood Batch 13, so bottle 13 is for this reason. It is NOT an unlucky bottle!

Hope that clears up any questions on why those numbers, and a few reasons behind it.

Enjoy your 12 Million Evils!