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Snugg…revisted! Mini ipad cover

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

It’s not often that i get excited about a gadget. Who am I kidding! I want to shout this from the rooftop of somewhere very high! (Luigi from Disney Cars style). The gadget in question is my mini iPad which is going to be very necessary this summer at the festivals, where people who have run out of cash, wish to buy my sauces (and chocolates, oils etc) AND will be able to online, on my iPad! So…to protect it, from the international tour (YES-Holland is on the schedule!) and the UK dates, I needed something decent.

If you are regular to this blog, back in January I reviewed the iphone 5 case that a company called Snugg sent me.

I was also sent one for the ipad mini! And it is a cracker.Front iPad miniiPad openIMG_2306IMG_2307

As you can see from the images, it is leather and suede, very neat design, it also has a folding front cover which ‘wakes’ the ipad as you open it, as the Apple branded covers do. I am so impressed with it. I watch movies on the iPad too, and the 4th photo shows the way to use it as a stand. I have owned this cover a good 90 days now, and believe me, the photo’s were taken today, and it looks as good as the day I opened it. Robust and good looking! Again, as with my iPhone, I do tend to drop things, that said, a lot less when its this size, but has seen the floor once or twice by accident, and unscathed, remains to work effortlessly. By far the best cover I have ever owned for any gadget I have had, if they made a version for the iphone 5, I’d gladly snap one up! (HINT HINT).

How much? Well head over to and grab one on spesh for £24.99 (RRP £39.99). Available in no less than 10-yes 10 options of colour/distressed look leathers, what are you waiting for?

Restaurant 65 Takeover…April 14th 2013

Monday, March 11th, 2013

I am pleased to announce that in partnership with restaurant 65’s owners, Grant and Gina Young, that a full on chilli menu is going to go ahead!

Where? Restaurant 65, Old High Street, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
When? Sunday April 14th 2013, 7pm.
Why? Because we want to!

So, what is a restaurant takeover? Well, I get the chance to show off my chef skills, along with a chance how to show off the chillies, and my products. I always get, ‘but how do you use it?’, or ‘what do you eat it with?’ questions aside from ‘what’s the hottest?’. So I have created the menu to show off how my products can be used and I will decide how the dishes are being presented and to what heat level. Grant (the chef) will assist me sending the 7 course menu. 24 covers are available (how to book etc to follow) for the chilli extravaganza, or even grilled food  from the DiligentChef recipes online. I will not be presenting a major chilehead event for the gung-ho macho types (this time!) but a gourmet evening, so if you want blow your nuts off heat(and female equivalent of nuts) style menu, email me to show your interest. The evening at restaurant 65 will have a certain heat level, but so everyone can finish the dishes, balanced and tasty!

All products will be available on the night to add to your table bill should you wish to buy any (save postal rates!).

Also, there will be gents from the Chilefoundry in attendance, so if you wish to be (or not!) interviewed during the evening for the site, let me know in advance. In addition, photo’s and video recording will be taking place for my website and upcoming YouTube channel. Any comments, reviews, and suggestions welcome! Again, should you not wish to appear in any photo or video please let me know, you will be asked on the evening too!

So, to book! you will need to email and use the subject-Chilli Night! stating how many places you require. She’ll confirm by telephone, so please leave a number for contact. A 50% deposit will be taken of £15 to secure each place. The night is £29.99 for 7 courses includes arrival cocktail.

Menu here Sunday 14th April 2013 at Restaurant 65

Finally, thanks for reading, share with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, to be in with a chance of a bar of Purgatory and Heavens Basement CD Filthy Empire!