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Frosts in Woburn Sands Augusts Bank Holiday 3 day Fiesta

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Day One..

So……as the clock approaches 1am I have finally managed to cook up another batch of Jekyll after the onslaught today. THANK YOU people who came, tasted, and cleared us out of Jekyll, Evil One, Alchemy and almost Rookie Goblin! Wow-I must say our best single day trading to date. Ok, so….the day started for us at 7am-car loaded, arrived around 8am and coffee tea bags served as soon as we walk in. Quick Hi to Tim from CCF then set up started. The rush commenced around 11.30 and stopped around 5, Mrs Reaper having to nip to the shops for more breadsticks! Frosts-yet again-decent show-looked after us and delivered the customers as promised! Round two in 7 hours…

Day Two..

Battered again, this evening I have had to make more ‘Evil One’ as the crowds have certainly got a good tolerance here in Milton Keynes for the hot stuff! Missed Tim today…But again, 1am, bedtime after a long long day..

Day Three..

I must say a big THANK YOU to Simon and Gabi from Frosts, along with everyone else who helped put this show together. Met some new friends, Cha Cha Chilli, Wobbly Bottom Cheeses, Devil’s Dynamite, and Capsaicinoia, to name a few. A fantastic festival for us, and hopefully for all those who came. Roll on next weekend in Oxford at Millets Farm, another Frosts venue…

Blaze of Glory

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


Well after a short delay, I’m very pleased to say that our newest product ‘Blaze of Glory’ will launch this weekend with a ltd pre label edition as seen here. I’m extremely excited about this launch as its purely a public outing with only a handful of people having tasted it in development.

The Death or Glory Ale is made down the road in The Tring Brewery, a 7.2% ABV Ale and what an ale it is. At double the quantity of any other ingredient in the mustard it packs a nice aroma. I had to mellow the final recipe with some sticky sweet honey as the habanero and beer combo, albeit superb in my humble opinion, was a tad too bitter. Well, decide for yourselves this weekend. At £4 for a 180g jar, or mix and match in our show only 3 for £10 across our range, Blaze of Glory should be your next Grim Reaper product.

Hot news….

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

I’m so tempted to shout about something I cannot shout about! Believe me when I say ‘hot news’.
People local to Hemel Hempstead will find out first as I am sworn to secrecy until published in the local papers….


Day Two at Woburn Garden Show

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Day Two started slowly-guests arrived in dribs and drabs between 10am and Midday with only a few customers. Throughout the afternoon was a steady flow and many people tasting. Our ‘The Evil One’ coming into its own today being the most popular sauce for most of the day until
‘Alchemy’ and ‘Jekyll’ had late rushes. ‘Jekyll’ then sold out-nice-those Great Taste Stickers work a treat!

Thank you to the lady who suggested a stockists section on the website-it’s been updated.

Looking forward to next weekend where we’ll be exhibiting at the Woburn Sands Frosts Garden Centre where they have the chilli festival!

See you there..

Day One at Woburn Garden Show

Sunday, August 19th, 2012


So day one was quite quiet however we still managed to tempt in the crowd. Best seller of the day went to Jekyll or Hyde having recently been awarded the 2 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards! Closely followed by Alchemy on its first outing! Blaze of Glory was not ready in time so will feature next week at Woburn Sands Chilli Festival.

As ever, even in the heat, the chocolates were still popular as ever.

Was nice to see fellow traders Bim’s Kitchen, Devils Dynamite, Capsicinoia, and Cambridge Chilli Farm!

Off again for day two now…..

Woburn Abbey

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

We’ll be at the wonderful Woburn Abbey this weekend where Frosts garden centres are hosting an event which we were lucky enough to be invited to!

We’ll be sampling all our chocolates, rapeseed oils, sauces and our two newest products – Alchemy and Blaze of Glory

These will not be the final recipes, just 60 bottles of Alchemy and 40 jars of Blaze of Glory mustard-so come early, have a taste and remember-don’t fear death-fear the reaper…

Great Taste Awards 2012 – We had a result!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

This baby just won ‘1 GOLD STAR’ at the Great Taste Awards 2012! Woo hoo, but more news…..

This little monster won ‘2 GOLD STARS!!!!!’ Woo hoo hoo…