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in October 2009, the company was incorporated, and on Halloween 2010 it started trading with the multi award winning 'Evil One' hot sauce which won at the Fiery Foods festival that year. 

Since then, we have developed a range of chilli products which have a heat unlike the mainstream products in the market place, and also a broad range of products, from hot sauces to extracts to rapeseed oils to who knows? The reaper does....

Sold at independant UK outlets plus internationally.

All Grim Reaper® products use the best available ingredients. All of the fresh chillies are UK sourced where possible. We also use carefully selected independant growers. The dried peppers, Ancho, Habanero, Chipotle and Guajillo are from Mexico, Scorpion Pepper from the Caribbean, and the Ghost Pepper (Naga Jolokia) from India. The rapeseed oil is grown, pressed, infused and bottled in Wilstone, nr Tring, on Simon Meads's farm. 
The Reaper... is a professional chef, having worked around the world over the past 30 years, gaining experience of different cultures and methods,  uses this knowledge in the development of new products. He has a good tolerance of chillies in food, and extracts, but eating raw......not a chance... An accomplished chef who is a member of the Master Chefs of Great Britain https://www.masterchefsgb.co.uk
Mrs Reaper...  takes care of all the web orders, labelling and finer details, and also has to do some of the product tasting.
Junior Reapers... tying ribbons on the chocolate wrappers! Posing for photos and being cheeky..
Daywalker... gets most of the tasting done, his palate has been burned a few times in the trials with shouts of 'thats too hot'-so we know we are nearly there!! It was his question- 'which one is the evil one?', which gave one of the four sauces bubbling away on the stove its name!
The Lurch... former chilefoundry editor, our firefighter (honestly, thats his day job!) helps on our European events, and some of the big UK shows, has access to Twitter....
Jamopepper... former chilefoundry reviewer, content for our blogs and social channels.
Will... PhD for the world of chilli around us...very soon. Loves buring you with extracts...
Ryan... the most sarcastic of us, loves being around people and having fun.
Bones... chef, chilli prepper, gets involved with web orders and on the front line too. Can be seen quaffing beers after (and during!) events. 
Ben... any technical stuff on the website, he's our man!


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