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Affliction™ 9 Million Scoville Chilli Extract
Chilli Extract - Affliction Rated at 9 Million Scovilles - yes, that's right - 9,000,000&nbs..
£24.95 £19.95
Ex Tax: £16.63
Based on 4 reviews.
Black Widow™ Ghost Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar (70% Cocoa) with Geranium & Lemon
Chilli Chocolate - Black Widow Experience the darker side of pleasure with this sinfully dark cho..
£4.95 £3.95
Ex Tax: £3.29
Based on 8 reviews.
Hell Raiser™ Ghost Chilli Milk Chocolate Bar (33.6% Cocoa) with Sweet Orange, Cinnamon & Clove
Many souls were burned in his quest, however the Reapers decision was now made. Please welcome the H..
£4.95 £3.95
Ex Tax: £3.29
Based on 3 reviews.
Pika Pika Hot Sauce Trio
Pika Pika Hot Sauce Trio from Pika Pika Chili Mafia in Germany! One each of their 3 best sellers ..
£14.95 £12.95
Ex Tax: £12.95
Purgatory™ Ghost Chilli White Chocolate Bar (28% Cocoa) with Bergamot, Mixed Spice & Cocoa Nibs
Time stands still in this place, it's deathly quiet with no movement at all...however there is one e..
£4.95 £3.95
Ex Tax: £3.29
Based on 4 reviews.
Grim Reaper® Ghost Chilli Chocolate Trio
One each of our 3 Naga Chilli Chocolates All 3 are handmade in England and 100g/3.5oz,  in q..
£13.95 £10.00
Ex Tax: £8.33
Philosophers Dew Apothecary Edition
Philosophers Dew is an East meets West hot sauce. Ingredients: Jalapeno Chilli, Onion, Rice Vineg..
£11.95 £10.00
Ex Tax: £10.00
Sweeney Todd™
Chilli Sauce- Sweeney Todd Very sharp and limited heat to be honest, our mildest sauce by far but..
£4.95 £2.95
Ex Tax: £2.95
The Book of Melliculus
The Book of Melliculus from The Chilli Alchemist Contains 4 vials of unique chilli popping candy...
£11.95 £10.00
Ex Tax: £8.33
The Everlasting Flame Apothecary Edition
What the maker says "Very hot - 70% fresh red habanero with a kick of 6,400,000 SHU ghost pepper ..
£12.95 £10.00
Ex Tax: £10.00
The Smoke Potion Magnum Opus Apothecary Edition
What the maker says "Due to overwhelming demand, we've taken our popular Smoke Potion and increas..
£11.95 £10.00
Ex Tax: £10.00
AuRum - Mango Amarillo Sauce Apothecary Edition
What the maker says Mild/Medium heat. A fusion of the Caribbean and South America. We've taken..
£10.95 £10.00
Ex Tax: £10.00
Chilli Alchemist™ Hot Sauce Trio
Choose from any of the Alchemists regular sauces and have them gift boxed at no extra charge. Mak..
£14.95 £10.00
Ex Tax: £10.00
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