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You want the hottest of the hot? In the right place then, chilli extracts or oleoresin of capsicum are to be handled and used with care. See each product for warnings and disclaimers.

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Affliction™ 9 Million Scoville Chilli Extract
Chilli Extract - Affliction Rated at 9 Million Scovilles - yes, that's right - 9,000,000&nbs..
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Doomsday™ 1.6 Million SHU Chilli Extract
Doomsday...The day the reaper ends the world... © Grim Reaper Foods Ltd 2013   1.6 Mil..
£11.95 £9.95
Ex Tax: £8.30
Based on 8 reviews.
Oblivion™ 1/2 Million Scoville Chilli Extract
Oblivion...disregard this at your peril...   © Grim Reaper Foods Ltd 2013   &n..
Ex Tax: £8.30
Raging Goblin™ Lime Oil and Jalapeño Chilli Extract
...the creature matured, his rage unbearable, carnage was necessary... © Grim Reaper Foods Ltd 20..
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Pandemonium™ Sichaun and 1 Million Scoville Chilli Extracts
...the one place the Reaper chose not to frequent, was the high capital of Lucifer... © Grim Reap..
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Slaughter™ Lemon Oil and 1 Million Scoville Chilli Extract
...Slaughter was imminent, I stood before him and whispered 'the time has come for your departure fr..
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Grim Reaper® Chilli Extract Trio
Choose ANY 3  Extracts, gift boxed. The purchaser of these extracts hereby acknowledges the ..
Ex Tax: £20.83
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