3 years on Halloween

So Halloween will bring the third anniversary of the start…Evil One was sold on Hot Headz and Scorchio-Stuart and Karl-thanks! And also the customers who sought the sauce out..

Last year, there was a 12million edition, the extract was given to me by the late great chillipepperpete, so I used it in a ltd edition version of the sauce.

So, this year, there is the restaurant takeover at Gina and Grants restaurant 65 in Hemel. 7 course chilli inspired menu, with guest minions…Burning Desire, Aston Manor Cider, Cola Rebell, Mr Vikkis, The Chillees, Wicks Ice Cream and yours truly…

Is it enough?? Hell no…Halloween is all about trick or treat as far as I am concerned, so for All Hallows’ Eve, I am using my Maverick sauce as a bit of fun. Mavericks do not conform to rules, a bit like myself and those around me. So, for a ltd time, Maverick will be a bit different. On the web, under ltd editions, will be a trick or treat version. Basically, buy Maverick, and you’ll get Maverick-but which one? Or will you order two, and get all three? Or order hoping to get one but get other two? To keep in the spirit of thing, I am not going to allow choice-hence-Trick or Treat! You may pop notes, I may read them…may…

So, there you have it….well, almost. 3 years, 3 things. Another ltd sauce will arrive on the site on Halloween!


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