Blaze of Glory


Well after a short delay, I’m very pleased to say that our newest product ‘Blaze of Glory’ will launch this weekend with a ltd pre label edition as seen here. I’m extremely excited about this launch as its purely a public outing with only a handful of people having tasted it in development.

The Death or Glory Ale is made down the road in The Tring Brewery, a 7.2% ABV Ale and what an ale it is. At double the quantity of any other ingredient in the mustard it packs a nice aroma. I had to mellow the final recipe with some sticky sweet honey as the habanero and beer combo, albeit superb in my humble opinion, was a tad too bitter. Well, decide for yourselves this weekend. At £4 for a 180g jar, or mix and match in our show only 3 for £10 across our range, Blaze of Glory should be your next Grim Reaper product.

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