The Raven… & Jekyll or Hyde…

I hinted earlier about ‘some news’ regarding my 2 chipotle sauces, and I’m afraid, it isn’t great news, but for me, sad news…

Basically, the main ingredient in both sauces, as you well know, is Chipotle.

As it stands at present, the EU are not allowing ANY Mexican chipotle to be sold in the UK (it does cover all of Europe too..) because of increased ‘Anthraquinone’ levels (AQ).

Anthraquinone is naturally created in the smoking process, however this years AQ levels are 4 times the EU limit, meaning unless the Mexicans change the process next time, we may not see authentic chipotles in Europe.

Rather than pay increased costs (increasing bottle cost to customer!) by getting jalapeno’s smoked here this season, I have decided to ‘kill off’ the two sauces once current supplies run out. We have around 500 of each in stock for this season, including all trade/website and summer events cooking events where we found the best dutch oven for bread.

I wanted to let everyone know, and besides, if it sorts itself out, the 2 will return from the graveyard…

So…whats in store? Well it allows room for two new creations, which I have already hinted about on the website..

Jack the Ripper – will be a Jerk sauce, and will use Scorpion Peppers

Sweeney Todd will be a ‘Smoking Ed’s Carolina Reaper® Hot Sauce with citrus notes.

We are also unleashing a couple of limited editions.

A white fatalli and pear sauce, with cinnamon vodka at some point, named Angel Maker after a Victorian lady named Amelia Dyer (google her-she was a nasty piece of work…) unleashed once ready.

Van Helsing will be unleashed at the Dutch Chilli Fest in Eindhoven, using Yellow Habanero and Madame Jeanettes, grown by @thelurch and Glenns Peppers.

Holy Grail – a partnership with Steve from Mushemi Fire, will be a Yellow Fatalli and White Wine fermented pepper sauce, something I currently know little about…should be ready for Xmas.

Also, Evil Twin be be reborn later this year for a limited time…

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