Restaurant 65 ‘Pop Up’ Photos

Thank you to the guests who came in Sunday to Restaurant 65 in Hemel Hempstead! It was by all accounts (yup, the financial ones too!) a success. It was also very difficult to serve, so in turn satisfying to hear the positive comments once it was over…

Well, the evening had people who travelled from Birmingham, Derby, Sussex and even Watford, 7 miles away! Honestly though, many locals turned up but a special mention to those who did make a long journey for it!

We started the evening with a candied chilli prosecco cocktail (Elixir of Life), which I also popped a few ‘Pestilence’ tears in. I use an ‘El Bulli’ gastro kit, to create some tear shaped fusions of my new ‘Pestilence’ hot syrup, with a touch of Grenadine, and some powders. These tears would only burn if you burst them. The candied chillies were lemon drop and orange habanero, where the lemon drop seemed hotter for some reason! These cocktails were welcomed by all and we moved swiftly on to the (Last Rites) Rookie Goblin bread with vengeance dipping oil. The bread was demolished quite quickly, as we had baked it only an hour before the guests arrived. For those who want the recipes, I will be releasing ALL of them on this blog over the next few weeks.

To follow was a shooter (Potent Potion) of mango, lime, mint and Evil One sauce, this was quite possibly the wake up the taste bud drink!


(Rest in Pieces) Sea Bass with coriander pesto and lemon risotto followed..


(Hallowed be thy Pain-Thanks Dr Burnorium for allowing me to use such words…) Corn fed chicken breast seasoned with new product (yet to be released) Sands of Time, which is a Naga based spice, with Tempest wok fried vegetables, and wilted baby bok choi.


A sorbet duo followed (Soul Cleanser) which was homemade carrot and ginger sorbet, and a lemon sorbet, in a shooter glass to cool things off, before we unleashed the (Torn between Heaven n Hell) Purgatory Chocolate Cheesecake.


I couldn’t have done the food alone, so a special thank you to Grant Young who owns the restaurant, for allowing me to use the place, his kitchen, then to let me direct him in his own kitchen without question (I can be difficult!) Not many owners/chefs would be so accommodating! And also to Gina his wife, for running front of house with Sarah. And Lewis, who kept the plates n glasses spotless.

If I get enough interest, I will run another one of these evenings in the country, at a restaurant, pub, cafe, even a sandwich bar if the kitchen is adequate, and adapt to suit!

A final thank you to Martyn, for taking the pics on the night, and all these above!

Signing off….the reaper

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