Chilli Alchemist Hot Sauce

Chilli Alchemist Hot Sauce


The Chilli Alchemist is dedicated to the divine fiery fruits found around the world. Each potion and elixir has been crafted to fuse the versatile chilli with flavours & ingredients that may not always be considered by many but ignite the taste buds & bring pleasure to many.

However, you might also be interested to know that The Chilli Alchemist was founded by a chap called Jay who has been heavily involved in the world of chillies for many years. Jay & his staff all have a huge passion for chillies and food that has been focused in to a range of sauces that possess both style &, more importantly, substance.  

The Chilli Alchemist is a keen grower and many of the chillies in The Chilli Alchemist’s sauces are grown in the South West of England. With taste buds that have tasted some of the most extreme flavours on this earth, staff at The Chilli Alchemist do not shy away from tasting chilli.

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