Sweeney Todd…Scotch Bonnet Sauce

October 27th, 2017

Well its almost time, and I guess I should really share a little about our newest sauce..

Sweeney Todd was supposed to be a replacement for Jekyll or Hyde, with the chipotle availability low (and Ripper to replace The Raven..) however thanks to some clever resourceful geezers we were inundated with chipotle and the need to replace wasn’t necessary. Nowadays, it’s easy to get assisted living facility food service with the best healthy meals by contacting a company near you.

So when a certain company asked if we could produce a table chilli sauce for their pub restaurants, we were able to bring Sweeney Todd to life.

Now, you know our products, and our labelling right? Well without being cautious, Whitbread would not be where they are today, so we had to change a few things.. The main thing is the label. But this doesn’t stop us using a character label for our website, so this will remain a secret until Halloween when unleashed!

If you are lucky enough to have a Cookhouse and Pub near you Oldbury, Midlands, Derby, Newcastle or Kilmarnock, then you can go and try Sweeney Todd under its alter ego Scotch Bonnet Sauce.. its on the tables…

For Sweeney Todd, just a few more days and it’ll be unleashed. Save the link for Tuesday http://www.grimreaperfoods.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=25_76&product_id=175 and as always, please like, share and retweet!

Screamin Mimi Award Winners 2017

April 26th, 2017

THE RAVEN gets a FIRST PLACE in XXX Hot. Grab yours with an amazing 20% off for 48 hours right here.

We have had success in the USA before, Bronze and Silver Scovies for Purgatory (2013) and Evil One (2014), and Screamin Mimi 2nd places for Maverick (2015) and The Raven (2014). BUT never a true win..until now.

Game producers and developers put in hundreds of hours to create an audio landscape that complements the game in a way that most gamers never experience, because they do not have the right equipment like for example the best gaming headset under 100.

Just got this email through from original bad boy himself, Steve Seabury, who runs the New York City Hot Sauce Expo. We have won a third screaming’ mimi!!

“The Screaming Mi Mi Awards were announce this year at the 5th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo.

Grand Champion Winner


Dirty Dicks Hot Sauce
50 Case purchase from Peppers.com distribution
Hot Sauce featured in June subscription of Fuego Box
Full Page Ad in Chile Pepper Magazine
1 Year of Free banner advertising on the official Scott Roberts website: www.scottrobertsweb.com
Free 10 x 10 Booth at the 2018 NYC Hot Sauce Expo (or another High River presenting Expo)

A Big Time Congrats To All of the 2017 Winners!!

The panel of Judges that include celebrity chefs from CBS, FOX & Food Networks, writers from Bon Appetit Magazine, Rachael Ray Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Huffington Post, NYC Newspapers, NYC Food Bloggers, Sirius XM Radio, NYC Chefs and other industry professionals.

Screaming Mi Mi Winners

 Asian Style
1st Place
BONMi NYC Kitchen 
X BONfire 

2nd Place

WUJU Hot Sauce

Extra Hot

3rd Place

Nam Prik 

Nam Prik Chile Hot Sauce

Caribbean Style

1st Place

Burns & McCoy


2nd Place


Demerara Premium Hot Sauce

3rd Place

Lazy Soul

Lazy Soul Hot Sauce


1st Place

The Lucky Taco Imperio

Lucky Taco Chipotle Hot Sauce

2nd Place

Hoff & Pepper

Hoff’s Smoken Ghost

3rd Place

Jersey Barnfire

Smoked Ghost Taco

Fruit Based

1st Place


Pineapple Teriyaki

2nd Place

WUJU Hot Sauce


3rd Place

Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce 

Pepper Pastry

Fruit Based Hot

1st Place

Dirty Dicks

Dirty Dicks Hot Pepper Sauce

2nd Place

Caldo Sauce

Molton Melon Hot Sauce

3rd Place

Demerara Hot Sauce 

Premium Hot Sauce


1st Place

Yeak Inc. 


2nd Place

Towson Spices

Segen Sauce

3rd Place

World Famous Hot Sauce 

LBI Love Potion Extra Garlic


1st Place

Hellfire Hot Sauce

Gourmet Green

2nd Place

SoCal Hot Sauce

The Original Avocado  SoCal Guac Sauce

3rd Place

Caldo Hot Sauce

Louisiana Style

1st Place

Hoff & Pepper

Hoff Sauce

2nd Place

Volcanic Peppers

Chocolate Lighting

3rd Place

Handsome Devils Co. 

De Arbol

Pepper Blend Hot

1st Place

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce 

Black Label

2nd Place

Kitchen Garden Farm

Ghost Pepper Sriracha

3rd Place

Purple Pam Hot Sauce

Kiss of Death

Pepper Blend Mild

1st Place

Jersey Barnfire 

Garden State Green

2nd Place

Hellfire Hot Sauce

Gourmet Green

3rd Place

Jersey Barnfire

Black Garlic 

Reaper Pepper

1st Place

Elijah’s Xtreme Gourmet Sauces

Reaper Sauce

2nd Place

Scotty O’ Hotty

Reaper de Muerte

3rd Place

Puckerbutt Pepper Company



1st Place

Grim Reaper Foods

The Raven Hot Sauce

2nd Place

Primo’s Peppers

Swampadelic Sauce

3rd Place

Cobra Chilli

Fever Chilli Paste

Chicken Wing

1st Place

Defcon Sauces

Defcon Condition #3

2nd Place

Culley’s Hot Sauce

Culley’s Buffalo Wing Sauce

3rd Place

Bonfatto’s Artisan Sauces 

Fire In The Hole

Spicy BBQ

1st Place


Rib N Chik’N

2nd Place

Texas Rib Rangers

Hot BBQ Sauce

3rd Place

Texas Rib Rangers

TRR Spicy BBQ Sauce 


1st Place

Kitchen Garden Farm

Tomatillo Salsa

2nd Place

Salsa Del Diablo

Satan’s Tears

3rd Place

Cajun Tex Salsa

5 Pepper Extreme Hickory Smoked Salsa

Best Label Artwork

1st Place

Hoff & Pepper

Hoff’s Smoken Ghost Sauce

2nd Place

Clamlube Brand Hot Sauce 

Sea Ghost

3rd Place

Lucky Dog

Year of The Dog

National Grand Champion

Dirty Dicks

Dirty Dicks Hot Pepper Sauce 




C: 516.672.6835

E: steve@highriversauces.com

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High River Sauces

NJ Taco Festival
NYC Hot Sauce Expo 

Portland Hot Sauce Expo

We’re back blogging!

April 10th, 2017

Lost login? blah blah blah…Honestly no, just been busy, and forget some important things like communications!

So whats been happening? Well, refining the business to be honest. We moved house, which meant relocating the business. We are registered in Luton Beds, but trade from Bournemouth now, we create the majority of the product in the South, using Chef Bernie’s kitchen currently, and are waiting for Mushemi Fire/1000 Hills/Chilli Mash Co. to finish the new kitchen so we can share the space.

The rapeseed oil is still being farmed in Herts, same great product, but now in 100ml bottles so they fit conveniently in the gift box, and are hand luggage friendly. The larger plastic bottle we were using became too expensive after the ‘vote’ last year..say no more..Same for the tins that the rubs are in, moving over into glass jars with flip top lids, meaning that they will be a little finer in texture, and again, fit the gift box. Extracts also are being given a make over, labels first, and later, we streamline the range. We have an insert for the gift box, which means any combo should fit, except the chocolate bars! (For now..)


We hope to unleash Ripper and Sweeney Todd this season, after not creating them last year, sorry about that! We also may unleash a new product or two unannounced at shows..

Finally, here’s the show list for the year, hope to see you at some of them, and to anyone who bought t shirts last year, remember, freebie product at shows you are wearing it to!


Save 20% on Affliction

March 29th, 2016

13 - AfflictionYes, we have for 48 hours only, a special on Affliction 9 Million SHU Extract. Don’t forget, every order up until Midnight 30th April goes into a draw for a piece of tech of your choice to the value of £250 (iPad mini/Apple Watch/Tablet/Laptop no cash alternative). Every purchase qualifies and one winner will be drawn May 1st.




October 20th, 2015


 Our 5th anniversary of trading is approaching, yes 5 years ago thanks to Hot Headz and Scorchio, our Multi Award Winning #EvilOne was unleashed on that day. Each year we try to do something, we did a 12 million scoville version, we’ve done Maverick trick or treat versions (which we still release each year) we took over a restaurant and run a 7 course menu, and this year unleashing a very special syrup #VampiresPoison. 

But what else? Well some of you may have noticed that we are also expanding the range of products on our site. Twisted 7, Crazy Bastard and Chilli Alchemist are already listed-soon to appear will be Mushemi Fire, Burning Desire, Psycho Juice, and Peppr-It. By Halloween these will all be listed so should you want a Vampires Poison but have already stocked up on our products-why not give something new a try?

Vampires Poison

October 6th, 2015

Well it’s already October-I know this as the leaves have started to fall….but at the end of this beautiful month is Halloween, not only for you Pagans to celebrate but also the 5th anniversary of unleashing the ‘Evil One’.

This year we are re releasing the Trick or Treat Mavericks, as a trio or if you are in the ‘spirit’ of things, the Trick or Treat single bottle-I choose-not you 😄 avail on the web tonight!

We will also unleash our trio of Scorpion Pepper chocolates, Firecracker, Midnight and Pyromaniac-these babies have been on the back burner for almost 3 years, but our current Ghost Chocolates are popular, I didn’t want to dilute things-so they will be 3 mini 40g bars in a set! Avail on the web from mid October.

Vampires Poison….our first Smokin Ed’s Carolina Reaper ® Sauce-it’s a cocktail syrup blood red, with some added Vodka and Beetroot. Avail on Halloween on the website and also at the Halloween chilli fest in Bedford.

So there you go, October will come and go, but Halloween is something to look forward to 🎃

UK National Chilli Awards 2015 Results

September 24th, 2015

ffukLast weekend 19/20 September saw the return of the Fiery Foods UK show in Brighton after a years break and change of ownership, it also saw the return of the National Chilli Awards.

We like to enter competitions, as it is more rewarding than paying for advertising should you gain a place, and fortunately this year we did, well as you can see below.

There were 14 categories, 10 of which we entered, and we placed in 9 of them. 2 further categories, Best grower and Best retailer were voted by all entrants to the competition and the 6 judges.

“A total of 19 producers and over 50 products were entered this year” said Karl Muzio (Fiery Foods UK’s new owner).

The products which won I will update as I find out from the relevant companies.







BEST OIL – MR VIKKIS and runner up was GRIM REAPER (Tempest)

BEST RUB/SPICE BLEND – THE SMOKEY CARTER (Pitmaster Spice Rub for sale on eBay) and the runner up was GRIM REAPER (Charred Remains)


BEST MILD SAUCE – THE SMOKEY CARTER (Carolina BBQ Sauce for sale on eBay) and the runner up was GRIM REAPER (Rookie Goblin)


BEST HOT SAUCE – SWEET HEAT CHILLI and the runner up was GRIM REAPER (Maverick)

BEST EXTREME SAUCE – GRIM REAPER (Evil One) and the runner up was BURNING DESIRE (Five Finger Death Punch)

BEST NEW PRODUCT – CHIMOULIS (Salted Caramel) and the runner up was SWEET HEAT CHILLI

The vote for BEST GROWER went to EDIBLE ORNAMENTALS who go the majority of our chillies actually, so that great to hear! (I voted them anyway..)

The vote for BEST RETAILER went to………this actually shocked me…..GRIM REAPER.

So with that info for you to ponder, I’ll sign off….updates will follow as I get them…


The Raven… & Jekyll or Hyde…

July 27th, 2015

I hinted earlier about ‘some news’ regarding my 2 chipotle sauces, and I’m afraid, it isn’t great news, but for me, sad news…

Basically, the main ingredient in both sauces, as you well know, is Chipotle.

As it stands at present, the EU are not allowing ANY Mexican chipotle to be sold in the UK (it does cover all of Europe too..) because of increased ‘Anthraquinone’ levels (AQ).

Anthraquinone is naturally created in the smoking process, however this years AQ levels are 4 times the EU limit, meaning unless the Mexicans change the process next time, we may not see authentic chipotles in Europe.

Rather than pay increased costs (increasing bottle cost to customer!) by getting jalapeno’s smoked here this season, I have decided to ‘kill off’ the two sauces once current supplies run out. We have around 500 of each in stock for this season, including all trade/website and summer events cooking events where we found the best dutch oven for bread.

I wanted to let everyone know, and besides, if it sorts itself out, the 2 will return from the graveyard…

So…whats in store? Well it allows room for two new creations, which I have already hinted about on the website..

Jack the Ripper – will be a Jerk sauce, and will use Scorpion Peppers

Sweeney Todd will be a ‘Smoking Ed’s Carolina Reaper® Hot Sauce with citrus notes.

We are also unleashing a couple of limited editions.

A white fatalli and pear sauce, with cinnamon vodka at some point, named Angel Maker after a Victorian lady named Amelia Dyer (google her-she was a nasty piece of work…) unleashed once ready.

Van Helsing will be unleashed at the Dutch Chilli Fest in Eindhoven, using Yellow Habanero and Madame Jeanettes, grown by @thelurch and Glenns Peppers.

Holy Grail – a partnership with Steve from Mushemi Fire, will be a Yellow Fatalli and White Wine fermented pepper sauce, something I currently know little about…should be ready for Xmas.

Also, Evil Twin be be reborn later this year for a limited time…

World Hot Sauce Awards – We placed 2nd…

July 27th, 2015


We were amongst a worldwide group of businesses to be placed in the 2015 World Hot Sauce Award. One of the hosts of this event was Australian vending machines go to https://www.royalvending.com.au/vending-machines-australia/ to see their options.

We placed 2nd in the ‘Added Extract’ Hot Sauce Category, missing out on top spot to CaJohn for his Mongoose Sauce.

There were a record 284 Hot Sauce Entries from 109 companies located in 14 Countries, across 14 Professional Categories and 5 Novice Categories in this years awards entries.

This worldwide competition, hosted in Louisiana USA, is normally dominated by American products but this year, there were wins from all over, including our friends Jon from Crazy Bastard Sauce (Berlin), Sheena from Galloway Chillies (Scotland), Mr Vikkis (England), The Happy Chilli Company (England) and Ron from Hells Kitchen Hot Sauce (USA)

The Awards ceremony was held on Friday 17th July 2015 at the Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel, Charenton, Louisiana and streamed live from the venue with the award winning list published on the 2015 World Hot Sauce Awards website on Sunday 19th July.

Evil One has now won 4 Major Awards.

The National Chilli Awards UK 2010

Scovies USA Silver Medal 2014

Clifton Chilli Peoples Choice Award 2014 Best UK Produced Hot Sauce

and now the Second Place in the World Hot Sauce Awards 2015.

  German Chili & BBQ Festival

June 11th, 2015

It’s that time of year when we start our European tour! Well, I thought I would share last years photos with you seeing as this weekend I will take a few more.

Here’s a crazy bastard, Jono Reilly from Crazy Bastard Sauces, he wasn’t trading but is this year.

This fella did some wonderful pastes.

Next up Herb. Lethal schnapps with extract-aptly named ‘throat-ripper’



Some chile heads…