Grim Reaper Dry Rubs

Grim Reaper Dry Rubs

Every one is a BBQ King or Queen, they may not have realised it yet... But, to stay on top, you need to do it properly!

Dry rubs are the best way to 'marinate' a protein, whether it be ribs, chops, steaks or chicken, even fish. Rubbed on an hour before cooking, a good quality sea salt should do all the moisture preparation you need. In combination with sugar, they sweat the protein, which then will draw the spices into it. Covered with film and left in the fridge, this will be all you need to do. We have chosen possibly THE BEST quality sea salt in the world, and it is from Anglesey in Wales, and goes by the name Halen Mon®. We feel this was important to say, becasue it is not just another sea salt, and it is NOT the main ingredient, unlike mainstream supermarket rubs, and no anti caking agents are used, so contents may settle...

BBQ Sauce on the other hand is a way to 'marinade' you meats. This is good if you are also going to baste with said 'marinade' through the cooking process. Pointless using a sauce to pour on then it cooks away, our BBQ sauce is mainly rapeseed oil, which is ideal for cooking to high temperatures, but also loaded with 3 different sugars, honey, molasses and inverted sugar syrup (golden syrup to those in the know) which will char and burn on without actually spoiling, but enhancing the BBQ flavours. You can also use 'Wraith' as a condiment, or dipping sauce.

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Grim Reaper® - Dry BBQ Rubs Set
All three rubs gift boxed. Charred Remains / Dust n Bones / Sands of Time ..
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Grim Reaper® - Wraith™ Spicy BBQ Sauce and Marinade
...the only soul allowed to finish its business on this Earth is the wraith. A tortured soul, which ..
£3.95 £2.95
Ex Tax: £2.95
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Grim Reaper® - Charred Remains™ Smoky BBQ & Chilli Rub
Dry Rub - Charred Remains Superhot BBQ Rub, with 40% Chilli content, this bad boy can be used on ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Grim Reaper® - Dust N' Bones™ BBQ, Sichuan & Chilli Rub
"the incinerator had reduced the body to dust n bones'..." © Grim Reaper Foods Ltd 2015  ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Grim Reaper® - Sands of Time™ BBQ & Naga Chilli Rub
"each hourglass contained millions of grains, and he used it for the souls of the world, to measure ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
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